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Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the European Union (EU) Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, who held talks in Rome, the capital of Italy, visited the command center of Operation Eirene, which the EU has implemented to control the arms embargo on Libya. Borrell press conference here found the assessment of Turkey at the meeting.


Borrell Turkey with a question for the asylum agreement between the EU “That stopped the EU and illegal immigration agreement between Turkey and was saved many lives. This agreement is still valid and should continue to practice.” gave the answer.

This year deal and how financing voicing they would continue to work on will be provided Borrell in Turkey, including the immigration issue in the next meeting of the council is on the agenda in all aspects and reported that prepare a report for submission to the council on this issue.

Turkey’s hosted by migrants striking Borrell said, “I thought it would cut its efforts towards EU migrants. Because Turkey welcomes more than 4 million people, and to help Turkey to the EU it must support the load represented by these people.” used the expression.

Josep Borrell said that most of the EU funding under this agreement goes directly to immigrants, not the Turkish government.

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Josep Borrell met with Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio at the ministry before visiting the headquarters. He made a statement to the press after the bilateral meeting.

Borrell, next Monday bilateral relations, including the ongoing exploratory talks between Greece and the EU Foreign Ministers meeting in Turkey will be held, he said they would take up and “have a good momentum in relations with Turkey.” said.

Di Maio in relations with Turkey, the EU Foreign Ministers’ Meeting and stage will handle the EU Council after, the continuation of dialogue in relations and said it must continue to build a positive agenda.

The Italian minister stated that they are against unilateral provocation against his European partners.

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