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In Beşiktaş, Gökhan Töre’s stay in the team is no longer dependent on him, but on Sergen Yalçın’s decision. According to the news in Ajansspor , Gökhan, whose contract was signed with the option of extending the contract by 1 year if he plays in 30 matches, has played in 12 matches so far. Thus, there was no chance of automatic elongation.

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Gökhan Tore, who took 277 minutes, scored 1 goal. The player, who has experienced many unusual injuries recently, did not find a chance after returning to the squad. Gökhan, who could not get the important time despite the tight fixture, could not enter the game even though he was in the squad in 2 matches, and he could play 3 and 4 minutes in 3 games.

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