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It was revealed that forged dollars and euros were printed in the printing house of a university in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

As a result of a joint operation by the Ministry of Interior and the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office, 4 million USD (approximately 30 million USD) was counterfeited in the printing house of the university. Turkish Lira) to 3 million 600 thousand euros (32 million Turkish Lira) were seized.

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2 people were arrested

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Sofia City Prosecutor Iliana Kirilova, in her press conference, reported that 2 people were arrested in relation to the incident, while the name of the university where counterfeit money was printed was not disclosed. It was stated that it was investigated whether the university administration knew about it.

Security sources state that there is data that the 2 detained persons were part of the international fake money distribution network. rdi.

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