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Governor of Kayseri Şehmus Günaydın held a press conference after the number of coronavirus cases seen in the city’s 100 thousand population increased from 97.72 to 142.95. Stating that Kayseri was among the top 10 provinces with the highest number of cases in the last week, Governor Günaydın said, “The main reasons for this are our departure from measures and complacency. We see with regret that the circulation rate of the virus has increased in our city. As Kayseri, we had encountered such a situation before and overcome this problem by hand in hand. Recently, the number of our patients coming to the pandemic service of our hospitals has increased by more than 80 percent. This is a very large number. He said.

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Stating that people gave false information to the radiation teams, Günaydın said, “We removed a number of restrictions. We wanted our tradesmen and citizens to work in this way; Once again we saw that we refused. We need to get away from the measures until we get results. Unfortunately, there are still those who do not provide accurate information to the filming teams. We need to move away from this behavior, which increases the rate of spread of the virus. The questions of the radiation teams should be answered with the right information. Every information we keep will pose a greater threat. We want people not to go out on the streets unless necessary. If citizens come to Cumhuriyet Square by public transport to relieve their boredom, this is an extremely wrong and risky situation. We should not use public transportation unless necessary. ”Governor Günaydın and Mayor Büyükkılıç, following the statement, carried out masks, distance and hygiene inspections on the busy streets and streets of the city.

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