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The teams, which received intelligence that an address detected in Izmir Kemalpaşa was used as the warehouse of illegal cigarette producers, carried out an operation. During the raid, millions of cigarette papers were seized in the vehicle belonging to the workplace and the workplace.

As a result of the field research and intelligence study carried out by the Izmir Customs Protection, Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate, it was determined that an address in Kemalpaşa district of Izmir was used as a warehouse by illegal cigarette manufacturers. The teams gathering all information about the address in question also received permission from the prosecutor’s office for the operation.

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Detected in a detailed search

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The Customs Enforcement teams, which took action with the search permit, made a detailed search at the suspect address. As a result of the search, a total of 2 million 860 thousand filtered cigarette papers were seized in the workplace used by cigarette smugglers as a warehouse and in the vehicle used by this business. In addition to filtered cigarette papers, a total of 17 coils of cigarette papers of kilometers long, wrapped in strips used in illegal cigarette production, were seized at the address.

The successful operation of the Customs Enforcement Teams was to produce cigarettes by filling the contents of the millions of cigarette papers seized by the server and These cigarettes were prevented from being placed on the market illegally. While the products used in the production of contraband cigarettes seized during the operation were seized, legal action was initiated against those responsible.

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