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Greenhouse owner Cengiz Avcı stated that they had just done the first harvest and that they experienced this event during the period when they would gain full extra income. While the hunter sold the plums in 50 grams and 100 gram packages, he could not overcome the shock of 40 kilograms of plums being stolen overnight.

Saying that the theft took place last week, Cengiz Avcı stated that they found the back window of the greenhouse open when the morning came and the theft was most likely happening late at night. Stating that they determined that the plastic of the greenhouse was cut with a sharp tool such as a knife or a knife, Avcı said that the fruits of 30-40 trees, each containing at least 5 kilograms of plum, were collected.

Saying that the thieves first cut the electricity of the security cameras from the electrical panel and prevented them from recording, Cengiz Avcı said that the cameras were damaged while doing this, and noted that the total loss of the cameras they sent to the matire was around 65 thousand liras.

Betpas Kayıt

Cengiz Avcı, who could not overcome the shock of losing more than 40 kilos of his product when the price of the plum competed with gold, said, “There was not even a kilo of fruit left on the trees. Our product was newly released and it was the most expensive period. While we were selling in packages of 50-100 grams, our 40 kilograms of fruit was stolen. We have lost 40 thousand lira. We have a camera system around the greenhouse, but they overcame all of them. From now on, we have increased our measures much more. We will have dogs of Kangal and Rottveiler breeds, we will increase our camera system to one and twenty. Previously, such incidents had happened in our other products. “Nothing can be done even though we complain because it has not appeared”.


4 plums for the price of 1 kilo of minced meat!

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