Eskişehirspor news : Striving to lift the transfer ban Eskişehirspor has announced that they cannot open the transfer.
TFF 1st League teams Eskişehirspor , Bad news came from the management while trying to lift the 2-term transfer ban. The black and red team, which has received bad results in the league and has not seen the victory since February 2020, could not open the transfer board. The management of Eskişehirspor said in a written statement on the subject, announced that they resolved 81 of the 86 problematic files, but 5 files could not be resolved. The management gave bad news to 11 players waiting for the transfer ban to be lifted. “We were working hard to lift the transfer ban”
In a written statement made by the club, the transfer of the community Eskişehirspor Stating that they did their best to lift the ban and lifted the ban in 9 files, he said, “As our community and the sports public know, we were working hard to realize our goal to stay in the cluster by strengthening our current staff during the intermediate transfer period, or to lift the transfer ban in order to establish the next year’s champion squad. As a result of our work; 81 of 86 problematic files were resolved; Among them, the ban on 9 files in FIFA was lifted. In principle, our team was agreed with the necessary transfers in the name of reinforcement, and we were promised that we would be given precise information about the files and sign the contracts by 14:30 today. “ Thank you 11 players for their sacrifice to us”
Erkan Zengin, the former captain of Eskişehirspor The club management thanked 11 football players for waiting for the transfer ban, and said, “At the point we arrived at today, the problems could not be solved on 5 files, so the result was reported negatively to the players who were waiting for us. Even though they received offers from many teams that were more than the wages they agreed with us, 11 members, especially our former team captain Erkan Zengin, who kept his words and waited for news from our club.
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