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Defeating Kasimpasa 4-1 in the 24th week of the Super League, Hatayspor’s coach Omer Erdogan made statements at the end of the match. Stating that they analyzed their rivals very well, Erdogan said, “We knew that Kasımpaşa would meet the opponent in the 2nd region and look for positions especially over Yusuf with quick attacks. However, we paid attention to this in defense and did not give positions. We found the goal while entering. I reminded my players that the score 1-0 should not comfort us. In the second half, we had 15, 20 minutes of pressure, we had a troubled process. The competitor found 1-1, and after they did, they could find 2. We did a good job in defense and continued the match 1-1. New players added energy to the team. The match was resolved when he found the second goal. We got a good result. We played our third game in a week. This displacement is after Başakşehir. This has a journey and a travel. Not easy. I congratulate my players. We have a nice family atmosphere. I hope we will continue like this from now on. ”“ There is a family atmosphere in the team ”Stating that there is a family atmosphere in the team, Erdogan said,“ All of the team’s goalkeeper, including the players who are waiting outside, who take little time; decent people with character. They continue the game we want to play by always putting it on it. We also strive to improve both ourselves and our players. As I said, there is a family atmosphere to the team. There is a good relationship between teacher-player, actor-management, teacher-management. This makes our job easier. We have a game system. We play without choosing an opponent. We are trying to distract offensive football. While playing offense, we strive not to position with the work we do. All of our favorite players are offensive players, but our goalkeepers and defenders have a big share in getting these scores. ”“ Being permanent is success ”After their performance as a team, Ömer Erdogan replied:“ We are looking for a match, match. We’ll see where this will take us at the end of the season. When forming the team at the beginning of the season, we knew this season would be difficult. In our first season, we knew it would be a success to be permanent. We do not make any calculations. Next week we will play directly with our rival Alanyaspor. As I said, we’ll see where this will lead us. I don’t want to make such an assertive statement right now.

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