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Beşiktaş drew against Antalyaspor in the 23rd week of the Super League. Speaking to beIN SPORTS after the match, Sergen Yalçın said: “It is better than losing 1 point. It would be great if we won. I don’t have much to talk about this game. We scored a goal from the team that did not get half position, players who did not leave the ground all the time. This is not football. This game is not played like this, I think it should not be played like this. Our war is just starting, no one should worry. This will not continue like this. The management of Göztepe, Trabzonspor and the referees in this match, as an indication that something is happening. They used all their discretion in favor of the opponent. And it must be played fairly. We go out on the field to play. “I’m so angry today, sorry. This will not continue like this. They are constantly lying on the floor. You think he’s dead, but he’s standing up … You got 1 point with this game, what happened? Our goalkeeper did not sweat. How do we win this way? The last match was not played for 20 minutes. “PRESS MEETING Beşiktaş’s coach Sergen Yalçın, who drew 1-1 with Fraport TAV Antalyaspor on the road in the 23rd week of the Super League, said that they were sorry that they could not win. Yalçın said that he was the only one of the game at the press conference held after the match. Stating that they were biased, they entered goal positions throughout the match, but they could not evaluate. Explaining that they started to enter more positions after the opponent remained 10 people, Yalçın said, “If we could evaluate the positions, we could win. We got a goal from the team that could not enter half position These excuses do not comfort me. Maybe it will comfort you. We’re sorry we didn’t win. We would like to win and be in a better position, but today it was not fortune. “He said. Noting that it is very difficult to produce a position against a team that plays mainly defensive, Yalçın said,” The children tried to do this as much as they could. After all, we couldn’t win. I hope we will win the next matches with a much better game and continue on our way. ” On the question of “Does it mean a staff revision for the upcoming matches?” Naturally, we have to change some players. I think it is very natural to change more players in a league that is so close. Changing players is not a rotation. They play too many matches, they get tired. We didn’t have three players. Mensah was also suspended next week. We have a shortage of players. We try to use all the players in certain parts of the game as much as we can. “

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