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On one side there was Fenerbahçe, who played the championship with 42 points, and Rizespor, a city team with 25 points, on the other. I bet If this match was played until the morning, Rizespor could not score points from this field! I see that; The VAR referee of the match between Başakşehir-Trabzonspor in the Super Cup three days ago was on the field yesterday. You know, VAR did not give one of the penalties but not the other, that is to call the referee in one and not the other.
In the Gaziantep-Galatasaray match, Onyekuru’s first goal was offside or not? They watched for 5 minutes, they could not decide, I do not know how they pulled the line at the end, there was a goal decision. Today, there is a referee on the field again, with this defeating Fenerbahçe. It was very difficult. That looks clear; Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray and Beşiktaş will fight in the championship pot. The league will be exciting. The broadcaster will earn money. But football played will be the ‘middle game’. Think about it, Fenerbahçe on one side, Rizespor on the other. Look at it financially, there is in backgammon or ‘şeşi yek’, this is how big the financial angle between the two teams is. Well, does football on the field show such a difference in money, no. ***
We watched a match yesterday with carob. It has become so that the players of Rize said “Let’s not object to the referee anymore. Let’s not be thrown at least.” The father of this referee was also the referee and he was my assistant. I said this will be better than his father, but unfortunately the seed of the same soil. Let’s write a referee, what should we write? Anyway, if something happens in the match. Let’s say nice moves, beats, shots. Let’s say we sat down, we got up … But no! ***
Fenerbahce says he bought Mesut, he says he is the world star. Only potatoes are planted on the field where Mesut will play the ball. Or you become a potato in a double fight on this field. Wherever you look at it, it’s bad. Therefore, our name is not read in Europe. We are consoled by ourselves. Altay has a position, whether the ball is in hand or not, it is debated. But there is one thing that cannot be discussed; Rizespor could not score points with this referee. Both Fenerbahce players and Rizel football players saw this. They felt it up to their veins. Shame on you ….

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