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Erhan Önal, one of the legendary names of Turkish football and Galatasaray who lost his life, was sent off on his last journey today. While a ceremony was held for Önal at the Bornova City Cemetery, his funeral prayer was also performed at the cemetery due to pandemic conditions. Many people from the sports, arts and business world attended the funeral. In addition, the fans were present at Erhan Önal’s funeral. Önal’s acting daughter Bige Önal and her family could not hold back their tears. His colleague Aras Bulut Iynemli, who acted on this painful day, did not leave Bige Önal alone.

17.03.2021, 16:21 Update Date: 17.03.2021, 16:31

Erhan Önal’s teammates Arif Kocabıyık and Metin Yıldız, who played together in Galatasaray, said that they were deeply saddened. Arif Kocabıyık stated that Erhan Önal had a very good personality and said, “I am very sorry, he was both a very good person and a very good football player. Thanks to all of us, we will miss him”.

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Metin Yıldız said, “Thanks to all of us. What should have been here could not be here due to the pandemic. We are very sorry, we lost a valuable person”, he said.
Erhan Önal, who made history as the first Turkish footballer to play in the Bundesliga by wearing the Bayern Munich jersey in Germany, became ill due to the clot he had in 2012. Erhan Önal, who lost his mother recently, was taken by his relatives to Dokuz Eylül University Medical Faculty Hospital on Monday, March 15, 2021 due to stomach and intestinal ailments. He was hospitalized by stating that he needed surgery. Erhan Önal’s heart stopped before the surgery on Tuesday, March 16, 2021. The heart was first worked out with intervention. However, Erhan Önal, whose heart stopped after a while, could not be saved despite the interventions. Erhan Önal died at around 14:00, unable to overcome the second crisis.

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