Notizie di Eskisehirspor : Eskişehirspor’s former coach Coşkun Demirbakan made important statements and said that he did not leave the team voluntarily.
Making a statement in his social media live broadcast, Demirbakan said:
Eskişehirspor should not be happy with this score
Although Eskişehirspor caught Balıkesirspor in a very bad situation, they could not win the match. You cannot win a match just by fighting against an untrained team that has not played for two games. It is also necessary to play football. I think there is a fitness problem in Eskişehirspor. The team is not tactically oriented either. I do not understand those who are satisfied with a score received. Eskişehirspor is far behind its competitors now. Both in points and in the field. It is not enough to open the transfer ban. There is also a need for correct transfers and correct game systems. All teams will reinforce during the break. Now there is an 11 point difference. Until the break, the difference can be wider. It is not easy to close the 15-16 points difference in this league. It is necessary to minimize the difference in points until the break.
I took office in the period of Osman Taş. Then he resigned. The supervisory board took over for a while. While we were working, there was no food in the facilities, there was no hot water, we didn’t have the money to go away, but we were going out and winning matches. I was telling my players that you will eat onion bread if necessary, but you will fight for the Eskişehirspor coat of arms on that field until the end. We worked in the most difficult times of the club. I was dismissed when I said that the full administration came, everything will be okay.
Coşkun Hodja’s cost was high, there were statements that we will work with lower-cost teachers. I was 1/3 of the money I worked for in other clubs. Do not take credit for the high cost statements. These statements are not true. The club’s accounting records remain. Let them go and ask Mr. Gökay. Let them look at the cost of other teachers and also look at the money given to me. While there were higher offers for me, I accepted this post because my city’s team was in trouble. I came to the task so that Eskişehirspor would not be left to the junior teachers. When they dismissed me, I did not visit a single site and our paths parted.
There were people who didn’t want me in the team
There were players who didn’t want me in the team. Emre Güral, Ferhat Kiraz, Hakan Aslantaş. Other footballers loved me. I said send these players to the management, I will stay in the league with this team. The management said to me, “If we send these players, who will you go on the field with?” I said, “I will go out with the U-10 and stay in this league again.The important thing was the peace system, they were disturbing and preventing others from working. They sent most of the players a few weeks after me.
Eskişehirspor again
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