The 32-year-old world star, who has reached a 3.5-year principle agreement with Fenerbahçe, is expected to come to Istanbul today and sign the official contract.


Fenerbahce, who reached an agreement in principle with Mesut Özil, a German football player of Turkish origin, breathed in. Özil, who is eagerly awaiting by the yellow-blue fans, is expected to come to Istanbul today and sign a 3.5-year contract. The number that the 32-year-old ten number will receive from Fenerbahçe has also been announced. Özil will receive an annual fee of 3 million Euros from Fenerbahçe. The experienced player who earned 7.5 million Euros in half a season at Arsenal will receive 1.5 million Euros from F. Garden for 6 months this season. The British club will cover the remaining 6 million Euros. Erkut Söğüt, the manager of the world famous football player Mesut Özil, who allegedly agreed with Fenerbahçe, confused the heads.
It was claimed that if Mesut signed a contract with DC United, manager Erkut Söğüt, who would earn a large amount of management fee and income from the market share of M10, Özil’s own clothing company, did not favor the transfer of the player to Fenerbahçe for these reasons. Söğüt said, “We do not agree with any club right now. The process will become clear in the next 10 days. GREAT INTEREST IN THE NEW SHARE
Mesut Özil, whose transfer to Fenerbahçe came to the signing stage, came to a share that excited the fans of hugged. The star football player, who recently shared an old photograph from the Bosphorus, shared a Friday with the location of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul yesterday. This sharing of Mesut was highly appreciated by Fenerbahçe fans. Mesut Özil also shared the message of Ghazali, “Know that the happiest people are the strongest in the love of Allah”.

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