In Trabzonspor, which experienced difficulties in terms of defense especially in the last two seasons, coach Abdullah Avcı first addressed the defense of the team after he took office. Cacciatore, who tells his players that the team is a whole, that they should evaluate the mistakes not individually but as a team, and that they should act together, also carries out the works in this direction. Always close the center. Run your friends to create alternatives to pass. Change the direction of the game when the game is stuck. Do not inflate the balls forward. Play to the closest, to the strongest. ”“ SPECIAL INTEREST IN YOUNG PEOPLE ”Abdullah Avcı is also closely interested in the young players in the team. It was noted that there is an important potential in the team and Avcı, who plans to gradually integrate young players into the team after gaining a winning habit, has started a comprehensive study at this point. Cacciatore, who plans to carry out his studies simultaneously with the infrastructure, has the idea of ​​assigning young names to the team from time to time. In his speech with his students, Avcı reminded that the league is a long marathon and that they will fight in a very tight fixture this season. That’s why I want everyone to be ready. Satisfied with the physical position of the Bordeaux blue team, Avcı aims to put an end to the bad synergy in the team with his high energies and take on a team atmosphere that has the habit of winning. At this point, Avcı keeps communication strong by making frequent talks with football players both individually and as a team.

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