News of Eskişehirspor : Es Es management, headed by Mustafa Akgören, continues its efforts to open the transfer board. Expressing that they are very close to the end that will please the community, Vice President Fatih Baturaygil stated that the management, club lawyers and many creditor lawyers have started a mobilization to open the transfer. Baturaygil said, “The economic situation of the club is known by everybody. We see that the creditor players and coaches are now starting to accept the fact that there is no penny income. The good will of the management is obvious. Until today, all the support calls we made to find the necessary financial resources for the opening of the transfer board have also remained unanswered. “ We want to report that the transfer has opened!”
Baturaygil said, “We have a club that has no income and cannot find support. The creditor players and technical staff see this situation now. Recently, we have been working intensely with our boardmates and lawyers until the morning. With the permission of Allah, we have taken an important way in opening the transfer. Of course, there are some names that cause trouble. We also meet with them and explain the situation. Many who show understanding and help us. For the better, if there is no setback, it will be possible to inform our community that “the transfer has been opened” soon. ”

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