Karşıyaka, who shared the summit in the 3rd League 3rd Group until 3 matches before MİSLİ.com, was able to get only 1 point from the last 3 exams in the shadow of the coronavirus epidemic that spread to the team, and completed the circuit behind its target.

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07.01.2021, 13:19
Karsiyaka, who played 13 games in the league with 28 points, with the same points as Somaspor and İçel İdmanyurdu, then started to have a nightmare. The number of positive players increased to 9 before the Osmaniyespor displacement last week, in the green-kırmızılılar, who drew against Altındağspor in the match where he lacked 3 players caught coronavirus. The technical delegation, who was delighted that 9 players recovered before the final exam of the circuit played with Erbaaspor in Karşıyaka, which lost that match 3-1 by losing 3-1, was shocked by the infection of 4 more players and Mustafa Aşan’s injury. Karşıyaka, who had to drive 6 of the players to the field in the first 11 despite their 10-day training deficiencies, was destroyed with a 1-0 defeat. The green-red team, which got 2 defeats in a row for the first time this season, finished the period in the fourth place, 6 points behind the leader Somaspor, which was scored 3 weeks ago. Saying that they are trying to bring the best squad to the field in the current situation in the Erbaa match, Technical Director Soner Tolungüç said, “pourtant, no conditions were in our favor. The psychology of the football players was very negatively affected by the epidemic in the team. Somehow they could not concentrate on the match mentally. In this process, 8 points in 3 matches. We lost. The halftime will be good for us. The team is on leave until January 11. We need to camp to regroup, “he said. TOKEN INTEREST
It was announced that Karşıyaka Token, which Karşıyaka launched with an Izmir-based company on December 19, the first in the blockchain world, was sold for 3 million TL in 12 days. Karşıyaka President Turgay Büyükkarcı stated that blockchain collaborations, which have been implemented by many world-renowned sports clubs in recent years, offer an alternative revenue model for clubs, while at the same time carrying the fan experience to a very different dimension.
Büyükkarcı said, “The cooperation between Karşıyaka Sports Club and Bitci Teknoloji differs from similar ones on many issues. During the project, Karşıyaka supporters will only be able to buy fan products with Karşıyaka Token, and they will also have the opportunity to participate in some special events such as training monitoring, meeting with athletes. Our supporters, who provide their support with Karşıyaka Token, have made their contribution to the club much more.

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