Altaï, known for the players and coaches who have given importance to Turkish football, is experiencing the pain of losing his former football player and coach Yenal Dinçakman at a young age. It was stated that Dinçakman (42), who was born in İzmir, fell ill at his home in Bornova EVKA 3 yesterday and died due to a heart attack. It was stated that an autopsy is expected for the young trainer, and the penalty ceremony will be announced later. Yenal Dinçakman, who became a professional in Altay in 1998, played his first match in black and white in the A team against Fenerbahçe on the road on 8 février 1998.

11.01.2021, 11:36

Dinçakman experienced the excitement of playing in the top 11 against Fenerbahçe in his first experience. Running for Gaziemirspor, Bergama Belediyespor, Aliağa Belediyespor, Karşıyaka, Tarsus İdmanyurdu, Pazarspor, Maltepespor, Hatayspor and Şirinyerspor, Yenal Dinçakman, after quitting football, coached the U14, U15, U16, U17 and U19 teams in Altay. Dinçakman, who passed away at the age of 42, lastly worked as the U16 technical manager at Manisa Football Club.

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In the statement made by the Altay Sports Club, “We are experiencing the deep sorrow of losing Yenal Dinçakman, one of our coaches who grew up from the infrastructure of our club, who sweated our professional football team, who served our infrastructure for many years, at a young age. We wish mercy from Allah to Yenal Dinçakman who set an example, and our condolences and patience to all our community, especially the family, and the sports public.


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