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Besiktas made a bad start to the season and won only 1 victory in 4 Jeux, and with the recovery it experienced as soon as it did, it climbed the steps very quickly and melted the point difference between its opponents. After the national break, the black-and-whites, who got into a difficult fixture, first beat Başakşehir 3-2 on the field and then Fenerbahçe 4-3 sur la route, and passed Kasımpaşa with 3-0 in the last match. Especially the performances of foreign players were applauded in the black-and-whites who scored 9 points from the matches played against 3 Istanbul teams and scored 10 goals for the rival nets. While the form of Rosier and Ghezzal, who were included in the team in the last days of the transfer, increased day by day, the goals scored by Aboubakar also made the faces laugh. Coach Sergen Yalçın, who has difficulty in establishing the ideal 11 due to the lack of many players every week, thanked the players who played with devotion as soon as they played each match and said, “The matches we play showed that every player in this team has the capacity to play in the first 11”. In the first weeks of the season, Besiktas, who had problems with the goal paths, drew attention to the formlessness of the offensive players. While the black and white team had aired the opponent nets 10 times in the last 3 matches, they could not take advantage of many goal opportunities. With this change in offense, Beşiktaş became one of the teams that scored the most goals in the league, and it was time to settle the defensive setup. Black-and-whites, who saw 17 goals in their castle in the remaining 10 matches, closed their goal in only 2 of the 10 league games this season. Coach Sergen Yalçın, who tried to create a defensive fiction with Rosier, Vida, Welinton, Montero, N’Sakala, Rıdvan, Erdoğan, Necip and Dorukhan, who occasionally wore a right-back form, was in his mind in the remaining 10 matches, especially due to the players who tested positive for Covid-19. He could not put the staff on the field. black-and-whites are not lacking in this area with turning negative test of the screw, the defense also recovered by closing succeed the castle in the coming weeks hedefliyor.eksik that until 28 December from dönüyor13 December 15-day period of four leagues, which will be the first in Turkey Cup match In Beşiktaş, coach Sergen Yalçın took a deep breath with the return of missing players. The black-and-whites, who do not risk the injured but not serious situation of Josef de Souza, considering the Alanyaspor match, will have this player next week. Larin, whose red card penalty is completed, will be on the field in the Alanyaspor match. In addition to these players, the situation of Gökhan Töre and Adem Ljajic, who are injured, is getting better day by day. Sergen Yalçın, who will hold a meeting with the team before 5 matches to be played in 15 days, wants to benefit from all the names in the squad before the difficult period. Oğuzhan Özyakup, who joined the game in the last episode against Kasımpaşa, will be one of Yalçın’s highest quality trump cards in the coming weeks. Sergen Yalçın, who thinks that Oğuzhan will add movement to the midfield, wants to give Adem Ljajic a chance. Yalçın wants to give the Serbian football player time to regain his self-confidence after recovering from his injury and wants Ljajic to reflect his old capacity on the field again. & Nbsp;

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