Belgian player Mirallas said in a statement that he went through a difficult process in terms of football for himself last year. Stating that this year, his transfer to Gaziantep FK was a high quality moment in his career, Mirallas said: “Last year was very difficult for me because I could not play. Last year I had problems with my teacher, some things are of course not easy. In such cases, you need the trust of the teacher. If the teacher doesn’t trust, it is very difficult to play. This is why the transfer from Gaziantep FK also impressed me. The teacher wanted me so much here, that was the reason why I came here with the highest quality. Before I came here, I spoke to Sumudica, and he said he wanted it very much and trusted me. It was the highest quality thing that increased my desire to come here. & Nbsp; voicing convinced he could do a great work in Turkey Mirallas, he continued: “I did not come here on vacation. I want to play at least 4-5 années. I feel physically myself very well. I feel I’m getting better, every game. As time passes much more I’ll be good. I believe we will achieve what we want as a team. I’m very good. not easy to come to Turkey. here, it’s not easy to play at this level. I’m ready to fight. Maybe I need another 1-2 game but overall I feel myself very well. ” “Turkey league, a tough league,” veteran midfielder, transferring doing research before coming to Turkey, he continued: “I met some friends before coming to Turkey, ‘how Turkey?’ I asked. He said all very beautiful things. I have not heard anything negative even one. I also saw that they are right when I arrived. Turkey league, a very tough league. Because all teams are able to transfer big names, big players can bring. would be 3-4 teams in other countries The rest is average. But all the teams here are almost equal. Therefore, the league is tough and contentious. “Fenerbahçe claimsMirallas was reminded that his name was mentioned with Fenerbahçe in the previous years,” We contacted Fenerbahçe 3-4 years ago. “There is no such thing as going to happen from time to time, it has never happened. In football, such things happen from time to their kullandı.taraftar to mesajtürkiye to arrive that included planning a career since previously, is no coincidence, of being in Turkey transfer Mirallas, he said: “The whole world is going through a difficult process. Turkey a better situation. If we look at in terms of football event we fans crowd We want this disease to end as soon as possible and we want to meet with the fans. I think Turkish people know football very well. It is among our goals to give them a good football. I always played at the top level. I want to play better in every match right now. players want to feel the crowd behind him. Turkey also has a very good group of supporters. he had come to Turkey between so I always planned. as I’ve come to accept the offer from Gaziantep. “

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