The yellow-red team, who spent the last week as a male team without a match, will pursue a victory in the Black Sea away at 16.00. Cüneyt Çakır will lead the match.


Göztepe will be the guest of Trabzonspor in the 17th week of Super League. The match to be played today at Şenol Güneş Sports Complex will start at 16.00. Cüneyt Çakır will manage the challenging 90 minutes, beINSports1 will bring to the screens live. Göz-Göz, who spent the last week in the league as a male team and fell behind in the Europa League race by removing only 1 point from the last 4 matches, wants to beat his bad luck by beating Trabzonspor.

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The burgundy-blues, who found morale by beating Karagümrük on the road last week and rose to the 6th place with 23 points, are planning to win in front of Göztepe and make two in two. There are no missing or injured players in Göztepe before the critical match. Guilherme, who was transferred from Trabzonspor at the beginning of the season, will not be able to play against his former team, as his transfer to the Chinese League is in question. In the host Trabzonspor, Des champs, who made a transfer meeting with injured Trondsen and Vitor Hugo, is not included in the squad. Göztepe Coach İlhan Palut will change the staff with the return of the shortcomings. Improved goalkeeper İrfan Can is expected to take over the gloves from Megyeri in today’s match. While Alpaslan’s injury has passed, Palut is also expected to pull Ndiaye to the forward end and give Tpiric a chance on the left wing, beyond the last Karagümrük match. TRABZON UĞURU
GÖZTEPE always feels wrong to Trabzonspor on the road. The yellow-red people had a nightmare for their opponent in Şenol Güneş Sports Complex in the last 3 seasons. Göz-Göz, who spent the fourth season in a row in the league, won 2 of the last 3 competitions in the country and left 1 with a draw. Göz -tepe drew with Trabzonspor in the outer field in 2017-18 without a goall and made it to the 1 point. The Izmir team, which left Trabzon with a 2-1 victory in 2018-19, won 1-0 at home last year. EKUBAN WIND
Trabzonspor, last week’s goal scorer Caleb Ekuban wind blows. The Ghanaian striker, who served on the bank in 10 Jeux, contributed to the score with 4 goals and made his team ramp. PLAYS 25TH TIME WITH GÖZTEPE
Trabzonspor and Göztepe will face each other for the 25th time in the league today, with the match they will play in Trabzon. Trabzonspor had 10 wins and Göztepe had 5 wins in 24 games played so far, while the equality was not broken in 9 Jeux. While burgundy-blues scored 35 goals in these matches, they saw 19 goals in their castle. NDİAYE DIFFERENCE
Cherif Ndiaye, the Senegalese striker of GÖZTEPE, will be the most important goal leg of his team in today’s match. Il était 24 years old who played a bank in 9 of 15 league games

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