Göztepe, who failed to win the last 5 games in the Super League, could not put an end to Fraport-Tav Antalyaspor: 0-1. Göztep, who hosted his opponent at Gürsel Aksel Stadium, could not prevent Doğukan’s goal in the 77th minute of the match, which ended without a goall in the first half. With this result, Antalyaspor continued its rise by making 2 out of 2.

09.01.2021, 16:01 Update Date: 09.01.2021, 18:17

In the 17th minute of Antalyaspor, which was developing very fast, Orgill met with the ball in Hakan’s pass. Göztepe defense prevented the danger in Orgill’s hard shot.
Murat Paluli, who was in good control of the long ball thrown in the 25th minute, took his shot and the goalkeeper Boffin caught the ball with his feet.
In the 31st minute, Soner felt the castle from outside the penalty area, goalkeeper Boffin barely crashed the ball.

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In the 45 + 1 minute free kick used by Berkan, Ndiaye touched the ball in carom, and the defense of Antalyaspor removed the leather round from the goal at the last minute.
In the 57th minute, Halil met with the ball on the left cross. In Halil’s shot from the ground, the ball returned from the defense.
In the 77th minute, Antalyaspor’s goal came. In Fredy’s pass, Doğukan took the shot in an empty position and brought the ball to the net: 0-1.

In the 86th minute, Burekovic centered from the left, Tripic shot the ball slightly from the side. The remaining minutes did not change the result, 3 points were won by Antalyaspor.

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