Yellow-dark blue people, the challenging Kasımpaşa obstacle 14 und 45 + 1. with the goals scored by Thiam in minutes and Ferdi in 86. Fenerbahce managed to make two in two with this victory.


Fenerbahce, who passed last week after the Başakşehir victory in the Super League, beat Kasımpaşa two in two and continued to follow the summit: 0-3. At 14, Mert Hakan lowered the middle of the left wing to Pelkas, Thiam. In this football player’s smooth shot, the ball met with the net: 1-0. In 45 + 1, Thiam, who hung behind the defense in Pelkasback pass, scored the goal that doubled the difference with a smooth shot in the penalty area where he was facing the goalkeeper: 2-0. In 59, Fenerbahçe came very quickly with Pelkas, he saw Thiam on the right wing and hit the ball he turned, but the ball remained in Ramadan. In 68, Valencia saw Pelkas inside in the attack on the right wing, and the ball went auta with a slight difference from the bottom of the post. Evaluating the error of the defense in 72, Hodzic turned the ball inside the penalty area and Altay removed the remaining ball. Ferdi, who acted on Ozan’s pass in 86, faced Ramadan by swaying behind the defense, determined the score with the ball he scored over the goalkeeper: 0-3. NOVAK SHOCK

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Kasımpaşa AT FENERBAHÇE Filip Novak, who was expected to play in the top 11 against him, was not recruited. It was learned that the Czech player was in pain due to injury he suffered before the match and was removed from the squad. VALENCA IS IN THE FIRST 11
FENERBAHÇE’S Ecuadorian footballer Enner Valencia returned to the squad after 3 matches. Valencia, who suffered a long-term injury and left the team after the corona virus test was positive, finally took part in the squad in the 11th week of the league in the Yukatel Denizlispor match on December 6. Valencia, who started the game as a substitute, suffered an injury and missed 3 league games.
Fenerbahçe’s Tanzanian striker Mbwana Samatta was added to the squad after 42 days. Current long-term 28-year-old football player from the team apart from the rest because of injuries, was wearing a shirt as against Sivas Belediyespor Agriculture, Turkey Cup final on 24 November. Samatta started the match against Kasımpaşa in the hut. 3 CHANGES FROM THE CLOUD
Fenerbahce coach Erol Bulut, who was a guest of Kasımpaşa in the 16th week of the SUPER League, made 4 changes in the first 11 according to the Medipol Başakşehir match they played last in the league. The young technical man assigned Sadık Çiftpınar, Ozan Tufan, Dimit-ris Pelkas and Enner Valen-cia to replace Ser-dar Aziz, Caner Erkin, Novak and Ademi in the top 11. While Bulut played Altay Bayındır in the castle opposite Kasımpaşa, the defense quartet consisted of Sanga-re, Tisserand, Luiz Gustavo and Sadık Çiftpınar. Oza in the middle duo

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