Eskişehirspor special news: İlhan Var, who was appointed after Mustafa Özer in Eskişehirspor, could not give what he wanted. The young coach who has been running the team since the 8th week of the league, unfortunately, could not win. Trying to carry the wreckage left by Özer, Var, performed well in the first 4-5 weeks, but could not prevent the team’s declining performance in the last games.
The young coach could not overcome the loss of self-confidence caused by his long longing for victory. Und dazu, İlhan Var receives very negative criticism from the community about the duration of the changes he made. The young technical man, who has not seen a victory for 9 weeks, is tied. There is a self-confidence problem
İlhan Var, the coach of the Black Red team, said in a statement after the defeat that there was a big self-confidence problem in the team. Var said that after each goal, the team’s concentration was dissipated and the players were destroyed. It seems that Var is quite difficult to solve this problem. Couldn’t help the players
Mustafa Akgören, who has been in office for a year, and his management, unfortunately, failed in the sportive sense while performing important actions in order to keep the club alive. The Black Red management could not hold the important players in the second half of the last season and took a great risk. The management, which sent Coşkun Demirbakan and brought Mustafa Özer to the head of the team, made a big mistake with this decision. Preferences are always wrong
Özer and the team had good points at first with the influence of Coşkun Demirbakan. Later, while Mustafa Özer and Es Es were expected to go forward, on the contrary, the team went back and the young coach İlhan Var was replaced by Özer. Management was also criticized in the choice of İlhan Var. Since İlhan Var could not put an end to this bad course, all target arrows have now turned to management. After this stage, it is very difficult
In order for Eskişehirspor to get rid of this situation, it must first lift the transfer ban. jedoch, the administration does not currently have a budget to lift the transfer ban. President Mustafa Akgören previously stated in his statements that the money to be spent on the transfer would be better for the future of the club to be spent on FIFA files. jedoch, the lifting of the transfer ban is on the agenda as a result of the current pressures. The most important question here is; Will this team stay in the cluster if the transfer ban is lifted? Points to be collected are important
There are 4 weeks before the end of the first half of the league. Transfer law according to the points collected in the remaining 4 weeks by Eskişehirspor management
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