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In the 12th week of the Super League, Beşiktaş lost 2-1 to Trabzonspor in the field. After the match, Beşiktaş Technical Director Sergen Yalçın evaluated the fight at the press conference.

Indicating that their game plans are based on winning, Sergen Yalçın said, “We play all our matches this way. Between the two national matches, our performance was far below what we expected. Scores that did not suit our community. Even though the games were as we wanted from time to time, the scores were not as we wanted. There are many reasons, we can’t take refuge in excuses. We have to find solutions. It is also difficult to hold the press conference in such situations. We are sorry. We can be better. We are coming to a place where words are running out. We have problems both in terms of injury and gameplay. We make an effort to return the players to the field. More eager, We want to play more passionately so that we can make our fans happy. We don’t think anyone is happy with this game. We will talk about what we will do next. We need to concentrate more and return to the league. We need to find solutions instead of problems. We have the capacity to do this. All the players in the squad are top level. They should come here. Names that have put a lot of effort into this situation. It also makes them very sad. We need to get back into the game in a short time.”

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The leader laughed at 90+6Sports

“We are not in the position I want”

The phase of muscle injuries experienced in the team Asked if he would make changes in the conditioning team afterwards, Yalçın said, “We have been here for 2 years. We played many matches in a row last year. The plan, our schedule is the same. It causes match traffic to disrupt the rhythm of the players. This is normal. It is not in a position we want. Until halftime. “This match traffic will continue. If we train well and perform well at least until halftime, we can show an extraordinary performance in the second half,” he said. ‘

Indicating that it is early to talk about the championship, Yalçın said, “We have no difference in points with our opponents except Trabzonspor. Only with Trabzonspor there was a serious difference. What happens to this difference, the results will show. It is not a difference that cannot be closed in the 3-point system. But it’s hard to close with this game. We have to raise the game. We should play better games. That way, maybe we can impersonate the competing team upstairs. I don’t think these games are enough.” ended:

“The players are all human. They may lose their motivation. Especially the Champions League. The players are very

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