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Following the efforts of Fenerbahçe to register its championships before 1959, Eskişehir Demirspor managers also took action for a similar demand. Eskişehir Demirspor President Gönül Cemoğlu announced that they will apply to TFF to register the championship they won in 1940.
It was on the agenda that Fenerbahçe started the necessary studies for the registration of the championships before 1959. Ali Koç, the chairman of the yellow-dark blue team, and the managers, who demanded that their championships in national organizations between 1924-1959 be added to the 19 championships they had just after 1959, said in recent weeks. Eskişehir < He had met in Ankara with the presidents of Ankara Demirspor, Gençlerbirliği and Ankaragücü clubs, which had their championships before 1959, including Demirspor. Participating as the only female president at the meeting, Eskişehir Demirspor President Gönül Cemoğlu was awarded by Ali Koç in 1940 Eskişehir The newspaper headlines of the championship that Demirspor won by beating Fenerbahçe 3-1 were presented as a gift. > Eskişehir Demirspor President Gönül Cemoğlu stated that the meeting was very beneficial and they will start working for the registration of the championship as soon as possible. Cemoğlu said, “The managers of the Fenerbahçe Club invited us to register the Turkish championships to the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) before 1959. They organized a presentation on this. Ankara Demirspor, Gençlerbirliği, Ankaragücü and Eskişehir invited Demirspor and gave a briefing. Talks were held with Ali Koç.
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