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The program moderated by journalist Meltem Karakaş Kaya was attended by Seçsev, as well as Esgroup General Coordinator Ali Baş and Esgroup Sports Manager Murat Dağtekin. The commentators asked the experienced technical man how he first got into office. Seçsev replied, “In our first meeting with the president and managers, we reached an agreement for one and a half years. We talked about what we will do in this year and a half. They asked us to prepare the team for the next season, launch young footballers and score few goals. It was a difficult task to do all three at the same time. ” DISTINCTION IN 10 SECONDS
Saying, “We had a telephone conversation with our president before the Tuzlaspor match,” Seçsev said, “There was no problem. We returned to the club. I had a guest that day. A phone call came from Sportive Director Murat Daldık. The president wants to meet with you, ”he said. “Isn’t the president Covid?” said. Vice President Fatih Baturaygil said he wanted to meet with me. I have a guest, I said wait a bit. Said the urgent teacher. I went to his room too. Fatih Baturaygil said, “Sir, we had a meeting in the evening. A decision was made at the end of the meeting, ”he said. Since I have been in this business for years, I sensed what the decision was. I said OK, no need for president, thank you, I went downstairs. These moments lasted 10 seconds. ” THE PRESIDENT DID NOT TURN ON MY PHONE
Seçsev said, “Fatih Baturaygil said that we are scoring a lot of goals. That’s why we made such a decision. This was the truth for them. For me, it looks a lot different. There are other reasons. They may not be able to dominate us. I called the president 1 day before I left, we talked, when I called after I left, he did not pick up my phone. We are from Eskişehir. We will give our lives for Eskişehirspor. ” THE PARTIES WERE NOT ENJOYED
Seçsev said, “All of our staff are young. There were Sezgin Coşkun and Onur Bayramoğlu. Our aim was to bring the children of Eskişehir somewhere. We explained this to them as well. But there is one thing, I will not say Eskişehirspor supporters, they did not like the squad that was the supporters of individuals. It doesn’t necessarily have to be what you say. We are working here. ” THE MANAGEMENT HAS DIALOGUE DIFFICULTY
Finally, Seçsev said, “I do not know whether the transfer ban will be lifted. But the management did not gather and talk like this with neither the technical delegation nor the football players. There is a problem with the dialogues. I did not see the management meeting with football players. The problems of Eskişehirspor will be solved by the general assembly. True fans should claim the club. A proper system should be formed and managed in Eskişehirspor Club. Otherwise, we will get worse. ” I DID NOT REQUEST MONEY

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