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Eskişehirspor Management, which had a good team when they took office, relegated the team twice in 2 years due to the mistakes they made.
Eskisehirspor, which is different from every team that comes before it, has become the goal team. Now, the community wants the last season of persecution to end as soon as possible. Deeply upset
Eskişehirspor legend has been suffering in recent years. The Red Lightning is having its hardest time after falling from the Super League. The Black Red team is treated like an average team in the 1st League. Fans want the league to end now, in Eskişehirspor, which is different from every team. This situation of the Black Red club, which has become the destiny of the defeat, deeply hurt all football fans. Again mismanaged
Eskişehirspor, as always, fell victim to mismanagement. Despite this, Akgören and his management, who took the head of the club in a very difficult period, had a good staff in their hands. However, as a result of the distribution of the squad and bringing the wrong coaches to the head of the team, Eskişehirspor suffered from relegation twice in 2 years. Camia states that if the transfer ban is not lifted in the 2nd League, the 3rd League is inevitable.

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