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Eskişehirspor started extremely quickly against Tuzlaspor and closed the first half of the match with a 2-1 result, in which they had a 1-0 advantage, but when we could not prevent the opponent’s 4 goals in the second half, we were defeated 5-2. Minutes from the match
In Eskişehirspor, which put pressure on the defense of Tuzlaspor in the 15th minute, Furgan’s shot returned from the defense and remained ahead of Onur Arı. Onur Arı brought the ball to the net in the hard shot he took from inside the penalty bow. 0-1
In the 23rd minute, Tuzlaspor won the free kick, and Alan Carius’ hard shot hit the crossbar and returned to the playing field.
In the 30th minute, in the attack of Eskişehirspor developing from the right wing, Uğur Can went down to the last line and hit the ball from the ground. However, the ball was slightly auta from the side.
In the 31st minute, Emir could not touch the ball with which Ahmet Yazar was spinning the content. At the back post, the ball Pucko wanted to complete remained in the side net.
In the 37th minute, Ahmet Yazar broke out from his opponent and entered the penalty area and shot from the right side.
In the 42nd minute, Gökcan, who entered the penalty area during the attack of Tuzla, who developed from the left wing, entered the penalty area in Pucko’s intermediate pass, and brought the ball to the net from the far pole. 1-1
45 + 1. In the minute, Halil pressed the Tuzlaspor goalkeeper Angeler and touched the ball and hit the goal. Onur Arı, who followed the round of mesh, sent the ball to the empty goal with the last shot he made. 1-2
In the 46th minute, Pucko sent the ball, which Gökcan turned from the right wing, to Thuram in the underpass. Thuram, with a neat head shot, brought the leather curls together with the nets. 2-2
In the 48th minute, when Eskişehirspor goalkeeper Cengiz lost the ball, Pucko wanted to complete it. However, when Pucko’s shot hit Emir’s hand, the referee gave a penalty.
Thuram, who came to the white point in the 49th minute, brought the ball to the net. 3-2
In the 53rd minute, Thuram hit the ball, which Alan turned from the right wing, from a side close to the penalty point. Goalkeeper Cengiz did not allow the goal.
In the 55th minute, the free kick used by Alan Carius from the right, Arif touched the goal line and sent the ball to the net. 4-2
In the 70th minute, Alan used a corner kick from the left, and Thuram brought together leather-round netting with a straight touch above the goal line. 5-2
In the 89th minute, Ahmet turned the middle, which Ferhat opened to the opposite wing, inside. In Thuram’s header, goalkeeper Cengiz took control of the ball.
90 + 1. In Tuzla attack, which developed from the left wing every minute, Pucko hit Mahmut in the middle of the ground. The ball went auta slightly from the bottom of the post.
Stadium: July 15
Referees: Oğuzhan Çakır xx, Nurettin Dinçer Demir xx, Suat Güz xx
Tuzlaspor: Philip Angeler x (Metin min.46 x), Yasin Güreler xx, Yohou xxx, Muhammed Gönülaçar xx (Arif Morkaya min.46 x), Ferhat Özt
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