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Eskişehirspor faces Balıkesirspor in the 31st week of TFF 1st League.
When is Eskişehirspor match, what time is it?
Eskişehirspor will face Balıkesirspor today (Sunday, 18 April 2021). The match will start at 13:30 in the New Eskişehir Stadium.

Eskişehirspor match on which channel? No password?
The match between Eskişehirspor and Balıkesirspor, which will start at 13.30, will be broadcast live and unencrypted on TRT Spor. The match will also meet with the audience live in beIN Sports.

Who will manage Eskişehirspor match?
In Eskişehirspor – Balıkesirspor match, the Classification Referee Oğuzhan Aksu from Mersin Region will take part. Ogün Kamacı and Burak Cansiz will be the assistants of Aksu. Emre Korkmaz will be the fourth referee. Superiority is in Balıkesirspor
Eskişehirspor and Balıkesirspor competed with each other 14 times, 1 preparation and 13 official. While Balıkesirspor won 6 of these games, 5 matches ended in a draw. Eskişehirspor was able to beat their opponent only 3 times. While the Black-Red team scored 19 goals against the opponent’s nets, it saw 27 goals in its castle. The two teams finally faced each other in Balıkesir, the league’s first game. This competition ended 2-2.

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Balkes is depressed
Balıkesirspor, which Eskişehirspor will host on Sunday at 13.30, hosted İstanbulspor on Wednesday evening in the 30th week of the league. Istanbul team finished ahead 1-0 with the goal scored by Eduart Rroca in the 12th minute. Balıkesirspor caught the equality with Arb Manaj’s goal from the penalty in the 63rd minute. Istanbulspor reached 3 points with the goal scored by Patrick Etoga in 90 + 2. Balıkesirspor, who took the field to move away from the relegation line, remained at 32 points. Roman Bezjak, who received a red card in Balkes, will not be able to play against Es Es.

Eskişehirsporlu players prepared assistants
After coach Cengiz Seçsev left the team, the team completed their work under the supervision of the Infrastructure Technical Officer Serdal Eroy, coaches Yasin Söğüt, Serkan Özdemir, Evrensel Heper and goalkeeping coach Serkan Topkaya.

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