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Sefer Hakan Olgun, one of Eskişehirspor’s former goalkeepers, revealed the bitter facts about his old team. “I think worse days are waiting for Eskişehirspor if it continues to be managed in this way. He has not won a single game in a year. At least 5 teachers came and went in the last year. This shows Eskişehirspor’s aimlessness ”.
He played for Es Es
Sefer Hakan Olgun, the former goalkeeper of the team that has served Turkish football professionally for 16 years, especially for long-established teams such as Eskişehirspor, Gaziantespor, Sakaryaspor and Kocaelispor, and brought the championship to Eskişehirspor, Altınordu match played in TFF 1st League by Eskişehirspor 6-3 After losing with a score of ‘, he evaluated the situation of falling to the 2nd League B group. Sefer Hakan Olgun made some criticisms on the subject and expressed his hope that Eskişehirspor, as a former football player, will come to the place it deserves again.
He rejected the match-fixing offer
In the 2004-2005 season, while Akçaabat Sebatspor was the goalkeeper, Olgun, who rejected the 200,000 euro match-fixing offer before the Kayserispor match, was given various plaques and awards from many institutions, especially the Turkish Football Federation (TFF). However, the unforgettable goalkeeper Sefer Hakan Olgun, who had trouble finding a club right after this incident and put an end to his career at the age of 33, said, “For Eskişehirspor to come back to the place it deserves, it needs a fixed plan, mission and good management”.
Started in 2013
Goalkeeper Hakan stated that Eskişehirspor’s fall to the 2nd League is actually the result of a process that has been going on for years. Sefer Hakan Olgun said, “After 2013, Eskişehirspor actually lost a national mission. After Halil Unal’s presidency, a decline started in Eskişehirspor. The fact that Eskişehirspor is currently falling into the 2nd League is not a matter of 2 or 3 years. It is the result of the treatment made to Eskişehirspor in the last 8 years. 3 years after 2013, he barely resisted in the Super League. Then he fell into a lower league, “he said.
Worse days await
Goalkeeper Sefer Hakan Olgun stated that it is too late for Eskişehirspor to recover and continued as follows: “I think it was too late for it to recover. Because if forward return had been tried in order to stay in the league, if his goal was the championship next year, he would not be able to sell his players at the moment. He would not sell Bilal, he would not sell Metehan. A targeted team wouldn’t do these things. I admit you have a huge amount of debt. However, Turkey did not conquer 5-6 goals from the team that came before any club, which was in debt too much. And every week 3-4-5-6 these goals were not eaten. I won a single game in a year
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