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Speaking to Radyo Spor about Eskişehirspor’s bid farewell to the league, Seçsev said, “We are saddened. We do not sleep in our eyes. It is a pity for the football community that such a large community is not in the top leagues. After the team fell from the Super League, it was in constant regression. As a result, we have dropped from the 1st League as of this season. The club is in debt like a mountain. Eskisehirspor should be owned by the people of Eskisehir. The elected, the winners from this city, need to come together. If this happens, our Eskişehirsporum returns to its old days. With a strong infrastructure and a correct management style, Eskişehirspor returns to the leagues it belongs to. I believe that Eskişehirspor will return to these leagues as soon as possible ”.
I haven’t checked the terms
The question of Salim Manav, “Why did you accept the offer of a team whose relegation was guaranteed?” Seçsev replied as follows; “I am from Eskişehir. If you receive an offer from your team, you will accept the offer regardless of the conditions. Our meetings with the management were positive and we started to work. We started running a team that fell drastically, even if it wasn’t mathematical. We have a squad made up of young players who have been promoted from the Youth to the A Team. We played games with the players, whose development processes continue, and we are going out. We struggled, but unfortunately we were relegated 6 matches before the end. ”
Covid affected us badly
Evaluating the Covid-19 cases in the team, the technical man said, “10 of our football players caught Covid-19. We had to deal with Covid among all these difficulties. We went out to Altınordu match with young players. Our positive players will not be in the Giresun match either. I do not know how much will catch the Tuzlaspor match. Covid processes can be a little weary. There will be serious training deficiencies. We had a very good momentum in the Adana Demir match. “We were going to maintain this momentum in our remaining matches, but this Covid process unfortunately took us back a little bit,” he said.
Hopeful of Uğur Can
Upon questioning of Black Red football player Uğur Can Semizoğlu, who launched Altınordu’s nets to two stylish goals in the previous match, Seçsev became a player that attracted attention because he scored two goals against Altınordu. He is one of our young players who has shown improvement. He has an effective left foot. He had to focus more on team play. Gradually he started providing this. He is a willing and passionate player. He scored two beautiful goals, and will continue to score in the future. If he continues to improve, he will be a good football player ”.
Management is busy
Referring to the issue of transfer, Seçsev said, “Eskişehirspor management develops quality projects. Participation of fans in these projects

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