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Eskisehirspor’s relegation took place visually. Mismanagement of the administrations, the club that the people who do not know how to manage the team fell off the abyss! The collapse started in the Super League
Eskişehirspor, which appeared in the European Cups in the Super League and took root from its rivals, was relegated due to the mismanagement of the Trust First management. The team was emptied, while the community rebelled against it, Eskişehirspor clearly said goodbye to the Super League. In fact, Es Es’s collapse started in 2016. She threw herself into the fire
The Black Red team struggled for the championship in the first season in the 1st League. However, in the match played against Göztepe in Izmir, the team withdrew from the field, was defeated by default, and then 3 points were deleted. On the way to the championship, Es Es almost threw himself into the fire and returned from the door of the Super League. Those who do not know the job came to the head of the team
Many transfers were made before the transfer ban was lifted, players not wearing the uniform complained to the club FIFA. The team was emptied, technical men who did not know the job were brought to the head of the team. We did not take advantage of any opportunity that came before us. Eskişehirspor was almost dragged into flight. Relegation was lifted
The biggest opportunity occurred in 2020. In the season we were relegated, the relegation was lifted due to the pandemic, and the excitement of the whole community came again. However, the transfer ban was not lifted, and no one cared about the successive defeats. Koskoca çınar could not see the victory face for 1 year. 2. We fell to the League
Eskişehirspor, which became the goal team in 2020-2021, fell to the 2nd League yesterday. Confronting Altınordu, Es Es was defeated in Izmir. Eskişehirspor, which bowed to its opponent with a score of 6-2, fell to the 2nd League 6 weeks before the end of the league. The Red Lightning will fight in League 2 in 15 years. The city must act immediately
Eskişehirspor, who has been in the 2nd League after 15 years, is now more difficult. With this team, we can hardly hold on even in the 2nd League. The notables of the city, Eskisehirspor’s former presidents, executives and the community need to come together and get this team out of this press. The current administration, on the other hand, needs to lift the transfer ban in order to regain the trust lost against them. Say goodbye for the second time
Eskişehirspor, which has been in the TFF 1st League since 2016-2017, said goodbye to the league for the second time. Eskişehirspor, who had previously dropped from the TFF 1st League in the 1991-1992 season, received a Super League visa from the TFF 1st League in the 1965-1966, 1983-1984, 1994-1995 and 2007-2008 seasons.

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