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President Ali Koc Fenerbahce and managers, with Turkey before the 1959 championship club found the visit to Ankara region.
The statement made on the subject from yellow-blue club, “President Ali Koc, our General Secretary John Çağlan Kızılhan, Board Member Our Conquest Beijing and Alper Pirs who, in their visit last week in Ankara, pre-1959 Turkey wins who met with the heads of district clubs Ankara.
Our President and Managers met with Ankaragücü President Fatih Mert, Gençlerbirliği President Murat Cavcav, Ankara Demirspor President Haluk Yılmaz and also Eskişehir Demirspor President Gönül Cemoğlu. Sidar Tunca, Deputy Chairman of Ankaragücü and Kadir Gürten, Legal Advisor of Genclerbirligi were also present at the meeting.
Leaders of our Alper Pirs, the club president, why the 1959 championship before that Turkey should be included in the Super League and made a presentation describing the material and spiritual rewards of it.
President Ali Koc, end of the visit, the team prior to the 1959 club president made the news leaked to the press about Turkey won the championship frame was a gift.
In Turkey Football BIRINCILIGI held by 1959 before the League in Chelsea in 1941 and 1946 twice, Ankaragucu in 1949, in Ankara Demirspor 1947, and Eskisehir Demirspor one in 1940 It was said that he had won the championship times.

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