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25-year-old Kemal Kaya, who had a traffic accident with his car on his way home from his workplace in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone, was operated in the hospital where he was taken. Kemal Kaya received 6 months of rehabilitation treatment after amputation of his left leg.

Kemal Kaya, who noticed the photo he shared from the hospital on his social media account, attended the national team camp held in Aksaray last year at the invitation of Seated Volleyball National Team Head Coach Yusuf Kenan Kök.

Kemal Kaya, who deserved to join the national team with his performance, is training for about 2 hours every day to contribute to the championship in the 2021 Sitting Volleyball European Championship, which will be held in Kemer, Antalya in October.

National athlete Kemal Kaya told Anadolu Agency (AA) that two years ago, when he was returning from his workplace, he hit the median and got stuck in the car as a result of losing control of the steering wheel.

Explaining that he was trying to stop the bleeding in his leg with a bag he found in the vehicle, Kemal Kaya said, “The fire crews who came to the scene with the notice of the citizens took me out of my car I was stuck in. I was taken to Eskişehir Osmangazi University Health Practice and Research Hospital by ambulance. They immediately took me into operation. Finally, my left leg was amputated. I had 5-6 months of treatment. I got better quickly because I did not smoke and drink. ” used expressions.

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“It is an inexplicable feeling to wear the national jersey”

Kemal Kaya noted that he played football in amateur clubs in Eskişehir before he had an accident.

Explaining that he shared a photo from his social media account after losing his left leg, the national athlete said:

“Sitting Volleyball National Team Head Coach Yusuf Kenan Kök saw this photo. He told me ‘Do you sit and play volleyball?’ I conveyed that I did not know about this sport, but he called me to audition for the national team in Aksaray.I attended the 20-day camp held in January 2020. They liked me and they included me in the Seated Volleyball Men’s National Team. It opens a door. An offer came from the national team. This was very high quality for me. We are preparing for the 2021 Sitting Volleyball European Championship, which will be held in Kemer, Antalya in October. I train for about 2 hours every day of the week. I will join the camp. I want to represent my country in the best way possible. Wearing the national jersey is an inexplicable feeling.

Kemal Kaya stated that he was standing tall for his 2.5-year-old son and emphasized that he separated from his wife but clung to life with his son.

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