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The relegation of Eskişehirspor upset everyone who knew the old days of the team as much as Eskişehirspor supporters. Muzaffer Ayhan Kara from Oda TV wrote an article titled “There are sad days in the Anatolian football revolution” for Eskişehirspor, which he called ‘the storm team of the past’. Kara said, “The beautiful team that I watched with admiration from Fotospor and radio in my childhood and youth is now under the Super League.” Here is the full article of Kara about Eskişehirspor:

Eskişehirspor lost 6-3 with 6 weeks to the end of the league and mathematically dropped to TFF 2nd League with the last Altınordu match! Yes, the once storm team, the red and black team of Eskişehir, the football city that struggled for the top positions in the Super League, will unfortunately play in a sub-cluster next season. Eskişehirspor, struggling with economic problems, actually fell last season, but was able to take place in TFF 1 again this season, as the fall in all leagues was removed due to the covid-19 epidemic. Red lightning dropped to a subset from TFF 1 in the 1991-92 season, but reappeared.


In the 1970s, Eskişehirspor, whose tribunes were cheering “…… Eski .. Eski…”, are in mourning for the fans of “Es-Es” as the fans gave the name. the community is in mourning.

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In the second half of the 1960s, even in the worst matches in the 70s, the Red Lightning would not have made a cracked sound from the stands. At that time, almost all of Anatolia was from Eskişehirspor. Turkey is seen as the goal of Eskişehirspor’un difficult. Such an organization is also rare in the world. That harmony, that spirit, that energy was incredible. An anthem that excited the tribunes of those years is as follows:

es – es is coming es – es / this job is not a joke / when the cheerleader orhan comes out / everyone becomes one

`es – es – es – ki – ki – ki / old – old – es`

There is no sound in Beşiktaş / because there is no breath / aman es-es is coming / cafer bring it quickly, cloth

`es – es – es – ki – ki- ki / old – old -es`

canaries one breath / million striker exquisite / gegiç gave a tactic / molnar ruined ablution

`es – es – es – ki – ki – ki / old – old – es`

Don’t get a whim / teams in football games to beat the pes / es-es / 69 mercedes

`es – es – es – ki – ki – ki / old – old – es`

The beautiful team that I watched with admiration from Fotospor and radio in my childhood and youth is now under the Super League. Everything is like a dream. Today’s TFF, which he joined in the first year of its establishment 55 years ago

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