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Eskişehirspor Anatolian Legend
“Turkey’s a team I loved playing football all over,” said Sezgin, “Everyone says Eskişehirspor’un as soon as possible should go to the Super League. Everyone is upset that they have been in the 2nd League. There is no such thing as the disappearance of a club referred to as the Anatolian Legend, the Anatolian Star. “Eskişehirspor is over now” for a 56-year-old big plane tree is the word of easy-going people. It does not help anyone to talk about the past all the time. Future-oriented discussions and comments will be much more beneficial for the future of the club. We are a team that has been losing players continuously for the last three years and cannot open the transfer board. We broke away from our competitor identity. “The focus was only on developing players and paying the debt.”
Fans will save the soul
Stating that he believes Eskişehirspor will continue to exist, Sezgin said, “Managers are working on the survival and rescue of the club. There is too much debt. It is also necessary to struggle psychologically. Since you are in a developer club position, your players are followed. When someone plays well in three matches, everyone’s attention shifts to that player. It is very difficult to do the right job in such trouble. People who do not have a love for Eskişehirspor were unlikely to solve these problems in my opinion. He said that Eskişehirspor will save the fan spirit ”.
I will play football for 1 more year
The captain said, “I signed a 1 + 1 year contract with Eskişehirspor at the beginning of the season. We have an extension option. If I can benefit in the field, we will extend the contract. We also talked to the president in this direction. It will be clear at the end of the season. There is no need to make an early decision and take risks for the club. My current thought is to keep playing. I will turn 37 years old in August. I can say that we will decide according to my physical condition. There is no negative situation for now. I will not do anything to harm Eskişehirspor. “I want to stay on the field after football,” he said.
Shame on 17-18 year olds
Commenting on a topic that has been discussed and discussed a lot on social media recently, Sezgin said, “There are those who say let’s play games with young players but eat 5. I am sorry, but if children aged 17-18 are defeated by different scores in two or three games in a row, these players will have serious self-confidence problems. Every match is an oppressed player
it is not possible to gain self-confidence. There is also a situation like this. All young actors are already in the eye. Even if someone came out, if there was hope, if we could move it, we could make an excellent profit for the club. Sezgin Coşkun played football together

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