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One of Turkey’s leading sports commentator found an explanation of the relegation Hıncal Uluç Eskişehirspor’un. Uluç said, “Who has gotten this club? Such a bad club cannot be managed. Turkey’s leading 2 to drop to League City Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen of undreamed-of, “he said. We have come to watch from Ankara
Eskişehirspor’un 2 to drop to League take place in the main issues in the sports program in Turkey. In this context, A Sports commentator Hıncal Uluç made important statements about Eskişehirspor. Saying that he came from Ankara to watch Eskişehirspor in his youth years, Uluç said, “Eskişehirspor is the city that creates contemporary tribunes. We used to get up from Ankara and go to Eskişehir matches, tribunes, so that I could see Amigo Orhan. ” Praise to Büyükerşen
Uluç said, “But who fell into Eskişehirspor, a pity. It is obvious that he went to the 2nd League with tears. Turkey has the leading Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen. The man who founded Anadolu University and Open Education Faculty. In my youth, we used to return to Ankara as soon as the match was over, as there was nothing but a match in Eskişehir. Is it so now. It takes at least 1 week to see Eskişehir. In Eskişehir, where there is such a mayor, Eskişehirspor’s relegation does not come to mind. “Such a bad club cannot be managed,” he said.

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