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Eskişehirspor lover Kaan Kuş visited President Mustafa Akgören at his workplace and made an interview with Akgören on the Youtube channel. Little Kaan supported the sapling campaign that the Black-Red club was preparing to launch. In his statement, Kaan said, “We supported Eskişehirspor in the sapling campaign. I invite everyone to support the sapling campaign, ”he said.
Spoke hopeful
President Akgören, who gifted the jersey to Kaan, said, “6 months later, Eskişehirspor will be in the 2nd League. I hope we will do our best to return to this league after a season. We are going through bad days. Good times are approaching. We saw the light at the end of the dark tunnel. We will slowly exit this tunnel. It takes a little patience, a little effort. Over time, the community will be patient for 2-3 years, I hope we will talk about something beyond that very interesting if we are in this position ”.
Launch will take place
“We want the transfer board to be opened very much,” said Akgören. “If we open the board, we believe that we will be the champion next season by reinforcing the current players. Eskişehirspor has no income. There is no one to support Eskişehirspor other than its supporters. We will continue to develop projects. With these projects, we will both collect the past of Eskişehirspor and we will redesign and plan its future. Our last project is Token and sapling. The first phase of the token has been very successful. The second stage will begin in three to four months. The second project is a memorial forest. The first launch will take place on April 8. The first memorial forest will come to life. We are preparing a very serious campaign, ”he said.

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