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News of Eskişehirspor:
Boffin, Tanase, Bienvenu, Toko and Anel Hadzic came to Eskişehirspor with a transfer ban from former player Marko Milinkovic in a bad news. According to the news of İstikbal Newspaper, the player, who was found to receive 190,000 Euros, sent the club a transfer ban through FIFA. The management took immediate action to configure with the player and attorney. Bokila’s club, who had a transfer ban problem during the break, was closed in Guangzhou, Jesse’s old club and Odonkor file, while a new configuration was made with mutual meetings with Akaminko and Kamal Issah. The management, whose only hope is the Sapling Campaign, will struggle to solve the banned files with the future money. ONE SHOCK ALSO FROM MARKO
A ban came from Marko Milinkovic to Eskişehirspor, which started negotiations to lift the transfer ban. The management, which could not lift the transfer ban during the break, continues to negotiate secretly to lift this ban at the beginning of the season. One bad news came from former player Marko Milinkovic for Eskişehirspor, which currently has 5 banned files. Last season, he went to Marko Giresunspor, who refused to accept all payment plans of the management and left the team. He sent a ban on transfer to the club via FIFA in return for his 190,000 Euros. THE MEETING HAS BEGUN
Acting with the ban news from Marko Milinkovic, the management started contacts with the actor’s lawyer and manager. Some payment will be made to the player who will receive 190 thousand Euros and the rest will be structured. It is curious whether the player will accept the configuration. WHO REMOVED THE BAN?
The management solved the problem with the former club of Jesse, Guangzhou, China, Bokila’s club, one of the players who had a transfer ban at the half-time. The Odonkor file, which was to receive 180 thousand EURO, was closed to 50 thousand EURO. While restructuring was made with Akaminko, a new configuration was made with a mutual meeting with Kamal Issah. 5 MORE FILES
Es-Es has both a transfer ban and relegation penalty for receiving 410 thousand EURO from Boffin. Again, Cristian Tanase, who did not wear a uniform for 1 minute, applied to FIFA because he would receive 400 thousand liras. Former president Osman Taş objected to this and brought this file to the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS). However, this objection by Es Es was not accepted. The Romanian football player sent a transfer ban to the club for his claim of 400,000 euros. In addition, Bienvenu 180 thousand EURO, Toka 180 thousand EURO and Anel Hadziç had a debt of 220 thousand EURO and the players were banned from transfer.
First of all, the problem of FIFA files �
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