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In Eskişehirspor, coronavirus cases exploded suddenly. Since the weekend, a total of 8 people in the Black Red club have been alerted at the facilities due to the appearance of coronavirus.
Because of the corona that appeared in 5 football players, 1 infrastructure player and 2 technical teams, even Es Es started to practice with a mask. Seen on Thursday
Eskişehirspor is currently having a hard time due to coronavirus cases. On Thursday, after the Covid-19 test of Universal Heper, one of the assistant coaches of the A Team, was positive, everyone, especially football players, was tested for Covid-19. After the test, corona was found in 1 technical team and 1 football player.
The weekend blew
While corona tests were carried out frequently in Es Es, according to the test results announced on Saturday, everyone was upset that the total number of cases increased to 8. In the statement made on the official website of the club on the subject, “As a result of the Covid-19 tests conducted by Gürlife Hospital to all football players, technical delegation and A Team personnel; It was determined that the test results of 5 football players and 1 support team personnel were positive ”.
There will be no 5 players
In addition, in Eskişehirspor, which will face Altınordu on the road on Sunday, April 4, in the 28th week of the league, 5 A Team players, 1 coach and 1 club employee, who are quarantined separately from the team and whose treatments are started, will not be in the Altınordu match. In the statement made by the Eskişehirspor Club, the names of other positive cases, except the assistant coach Evrensel Heper, whose name was learned before, were not disclosed.
Workouts with mask
In Eskişehirspor, due to the increasing coronavirus cases in the club, an alarm was given at the facilities. As the total number of cases increased to 8, while the measures were increased in the facilities, it was noteworthy that some football players worked by wearing masks in the last training. Following the training given by the Coach Cengiz Seçsev and his assistants, the players, who were allowed one day off, will come together again at their facilities today and continue their work from where they left off.

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