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Speaking to ES TV after Eskişehirspor Adana Demirspor match, President Mustafa Akgören said; “When you look at the general right of the match, it was a draw. Of course, our opponent seemed to be the favorite at the beginning of the match. We already play such a strong and resistant football in every match, but at the beginning of the match, after the early goals, we lose a lot. Today we took advantage of not scoring early goals. As the team did not score, it became motivated, its concentration increased. This is the result of the match … This is the real Eskişehirspor, ”he said.
We were frustrated
“These are the results and football we expect from Eskişehirspor. Unfortunately, early goals in past matches disappointed us. After this time, it looks like the team on the field will be the team of the next season. I hope we will prepare for the next season by increasing their experience, using new children, and increasing their lack of match, concentration and self-confidence ”.
They want to leave
Stating that it is time for some football players whose contract has ended, Akgören said, “Of course, we will try to open the transfer board, which is our goal. If our projects are realized and if we achieve the revenue we target, we will achieve the success we aim for the next season with small reinforcements to this team. Those whose contracts have expired in the internal transfer want to leave. “We think some of them need to leave now.”
They will be good to leave
Akgören said, “Some of them should leave and it is time for them to set sail for a new journey themselves,” said Akgören. The stands, the city and the team need fresh excitement. I hope we can achieve this. What will time show, we will look together. I congratulate my team and Adana Demirspor. They are also a strong community, one of the communities that deserve to be in the Super League. I hope that we will achieve the success we aim for next year, ”he said.
Token project delighted

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Making a statement about EsEs Token, Chairman Akgören said, “One of our most important projects was the token. We implemented it. Of course, there is a segment that is not ready for virtual money and does not know what it is yet. Some of them, what is this? But we caught what we hoped for in the first place. In a period of 12-13 days, it reached 8 and a half million. It was a number we expected. Hopefully, we will reach the first supply of 12 million in a fun short time and we will remove the second supply. We expect serious income from here, ”he said.

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