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Eskişehirspor, which is in the last place in the 27th week of Spor Toto 1st League, will host Adana Demirspor on its field.
When is Eskişehirspor match, what time is it?
Eskişehirspor will face Adana Demirspor today (20 March 2021 Saturday) at 16:00. The match will be played in Yeni Eskişehir Stadium.

Eskişehirspor match on which channel? No password?
In the 27th week of Spor Toto 1st League, the match that Eskişehirspor and Adana Demirspor will face will be broadcast on TRT Spor live and without a password. The match will also be broadcast live on beIN Sports.

Who will manage Eskişehirspor match?
In Eskişehirspor-Adana Demirspor match, Ankara region referee Burak Pakkan will blow his whistle. Pakkan’s assistants will be Deniz Turgut and Mehmet Ali Akkor. The fourth referee of the game is Efe Tanrıverdi. Referee Pakkan blew his whistle in the match played in Eskişehir on February 6, 2021 and Altay won 5-0. Adana Demirspor is superior
Eskişehirspor and Adana Demirspor will be rivals for the 40th time. In 1965, when the Black-Red team was established, Eskişehirspor won 10 times in 39 games played in the last 56 years, while the Adana representative laughed 14 times. Teams could not win in 15 competitions. On the other hand, Eskişehirspor, which hosted Adana Demirspor 19 times in Eskişehir, got 7 wins, 8 defeats, and 4 matches ended in draws.

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The fall of Eskişehirspor may be certain
If Eskişehirspor loses to Adana Demirspor today, relegation can be mathematically certain. Balıkesirspor, which is located just above the fire line, will increase its score to 29 if it beats Ümraniyespor on the road today. Even if Adanaspor and Menemenspor close the week with one point each, the difference between them and Eskişehirspor will increase to 22 points. If the probabilities are realized in this way (if the opponents are 29 points or above), Eskişehirspor will experience the sadness of falling to the 2nd League 7 weeks before the end of the league.

Eskişehirspor lost for the last 4 games
Eskişehirspor will host Adana Demirspor today in the 27th week of Spor Toto 1st League. Es Es, who had a nightmarish season in the league, ended his longing for a 1-year victory in the 22nd week match against Bandırmaspor. Red Lightning could not see the win face again after this match.

They beat Eskişehirspor in an extraordinary way
Eskişehirspor and Adana Demirspor met in Adana in the first half. In the second half of the match, whose first half ended 0-0, Es Es went ahead 1-0 with Mehmet Özcan’s goal in the 53rd minute. The team that showed a good fight until the 69th minute
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