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Eskişehirspor news : The public wants some questions to be answered about the Es Es Token project signed between Eskişehirspor Club and Particularly fans are wondering how much money Eskişehirspor will earn from this project, and whether money has entered the club’s safe before. Two projects have been signed
In Eskişehirspor, which has great financial difficulties, the management has developed various projects to provide financial resources to the club and signed two high quality projects in this direction. While signing the Es Es Token and Eskişehirspor Memorial Forest project last week, the community wants to answer some questions, especially about the token. Fans are waiting for a detailed answer on how the club made a deal. Money in the cash register?
Fans are wondering how much money Eskişehirspor will earn from this project. In addition, the community wants an answer to the question whether money has been entered into the club’s vault before or after this agreement. The administration, which always says that they are sensitive about transparency, is expected to be more informed about the Es E token and memory forest project.

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