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Eskişehirspor Sports Director Murat Daldık made a statement to Eskişehirspor Newspaper, which the club put into practice. Stating that there were hopeful developments regarding the debts of the club, he said, “We want to awaken the sleeping giant.
Loss of self-confidence
The first issue of Eskişehirspor Newspaper, which is prepared by Eskişehirspor Club and will be published digitally weekly, has been published. The interview given by Sportive Director Murat Daldık to Eskişehirspor Newspaper is as follows; “The team needs a breakout moment. Sportive failure is a reality. A community like Eskişehirspor should always be remembered with positive results. Even though the club is in difficulties, you have to get successful results. We are sorry that we did not spill water on the hearts of our fans by winning victories. As the weeks passed, the negative results also caused a loss of self-confidence. The lack of experience of the players in the squad is also a fact. If Eskişehirspor does not experience economic problems at the moment, most of the players in this squad cannot play in this team. ”
Everyone is aware of the situation
“Communication with the people it will receive is the most important detail in this regard. It is necessary not to lie to the other party. It is absolutely necessary not to sell dreams. The most important thing is to give confidence. You should prepare every item of your contract in such a way that the other party trusts you. The creditors are aware of Eskişehirspor’s situation. Nobody is aware that if they do not help Eskişehirspor, they will not get any money… Many people have left their money in clubs such as Gaziantepspor, Mersin İdman Yurdu and Orduspor. They also do not want to experience this situation. ”
2. We will be guests in the League
“Infrastructure is the heart of Eskişehirspor. The future of Eskişehirspor and Turkish football passes through the infrastructure. We are thinking of a project for that institution in a corporate sense. Necessary information will be given to our community, let some things become clear and mature. We started the preparations for the next season. That season will be a season in which Eskişehirspor’s good days will begin. We want to establish a logical, economical and competitive team and rise to TFF 1st League as a guest in TFF 2nd League for one season. ”
There is interest in players
“There are players whose contracts will expire at the end of the season. Until now, we have not had a player who came to me and said, “I want to leave Eskişehirspor”. We hear that some clubs have an interest in our players. We may receive a training fee from those under 23 years old. There is nothing we can do for the others. But we are trying to do whatever it takes to keep every player that our technical committee says should stay in our squad. ” FIFA files are finished.
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