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Eskişehirspor news: Eskişehirspor Technical Director Cengiz Seçsev visited TÜFAD Eskişehir Branch. Making a statement here, Seçsev said, “We are trying to raise the young people to the level of competence. I expect patience from everyone in this regard. We came to work knowing these conditions. ” Support is required
TÜFAD Eskişehir President Ahmet Bingöl said, “I thank the sports public for their opinion that the Eskişehir technical man should run Eskişehirspor. Eskişehirspor management made the right decision and brought a technical man from Eskişehir to the team, although the conditions were not very suitable. Cengiz Hodja worked under very difficult conditions. He put not his hand but his body under the stone. We, as TÜFAD Eskişehir Branch, will always be with our teacher. We want this support from our fans. We have to go through this process together. ” There is 1 Es Es (PHOTO)
Noting that there are 10 challenging matches, Bingöl said, “If we can send our trainers from Eskişehir to other places, it will be proud for us, you have 10 tough matches in front of you, we hope to get through this process in the best way, there is 1 Eskişehirspor and we all support the team unconditionally. he said. “ We came to our home
Eskişehirspor Technical Director Cengiz Seçsev, on the other hand, said that he was laughing hard and said, “We are very happy that we came to our home, we are very happy to be with you. We are on this duty representing all the technical men from Eskişehir. We wanted to show that Eskişehir’s technical men exist. The conditions Eskişehirspor is in, everyone knows. I do not want to reduce the motivation and brand value of the team by repeating these. Therefore, I did not give any opinion about the conditions.
“We are really going through difficult days. We are aware as a team, but we do not want to introduce young people to the field before they reach their qualification level. I expect patience from everyone in this regard. We don’t want to lose them because these kids are only 16-17 years old, we don’t want 6-7 youngsters to play in a team at once and Eskişehirspor to look like they are not on the court. We are trying to get on the field at a more appropriate level. In order for these children to be raised, they must have experienced brothers among them. In fact, Eskişehir trainers have an open front, only some subjects need to be upright. They should be trusted, “he said.

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