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Eskişehirspor news : Stating that it has been a month since Eskişehirspor’s Technical Director, Seçsev said, “We could not be together because the pandemic inevitably brought restrictions on us. First of all, I would like to thank our President Mustafa Akgören and his management. I thank all the friends working in our sports club. Major Eskişehirspor is the expectation of the big Eskişehirspor . I think we will seize this opportunity. These difficulties are Eskişehirspor . We have carried out certain projects for this. Our management said they would support us. They conveyed to us that they have endless support. The support of the city’s elders is also of great importance. Eskişehirspor is a brand. I do not want to talk about the difficulties and reduce the brand value. Our management is working hard to get out of this troubled process. We had interviews with our management about the road maps according to the opening and non-opening of the transfer. I think that the most important thing of this situation is the establishment. We have requests from our governors and mayors regarding this. ” We will establish a league in Eskişehir for infrastructure Eskişehirspor </ strong
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