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Eskişehirspor news : Eskişehirspor coach Cengiz Seçsev made a statement after the defeat of Akhisarspor that “the penalty that was not given was the breaking point”.
Seçsev said: “Football is a game system established in order to run, play, evaluate positions and not give positions, but we continue our work within this system. We have a young staff, we have to continue this work with this staff. We do good work in the field within this obligation, but there are breaking points in the field within these good works. There are components at these breakpoints. The two teams are a referee incident. If one of these components makes a mistake, we make a mistake, it becomes a goal. But foul in the required position without a position that forces us to make mistakes, this was the first part of the first half for me. The second is that we have a penalty point and that is also not a breaking point. Later, the strength of the youth team to resist at the breaking points decreases. When the strength of resistance falls, goals come. We want to raise this business to the highest levels by running and fighting as much as possible. I think we also won some children on behalf of our team. I think we won Selman today. Winning someone in every match every week gives us hope to be a better team. I also wish success to Akhisarspor. ”

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