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News of Eskişehirspor:
Eskişehirspor Spor Toto will face Keçiörengücü in the 26th week of the 1st League. Faced in the 1966-67 season. While Es Es won the match in the first half of the league 1-0, in the match played in Ankara in the second half, Keçiörengücü laughed 1-0. Of the 11 games played in total, Eskişehirspor won the 4th and Keçiörengücü won the 4th. In 3 matches, the teams could not win. Es Es scored 11 goals in the opponent’s net, and saw 9 goals in his castle. Keçiörengücü, who got 1 win, 3 draws and 1 defeat in the last 5 games, entered the week at the 8th place with 40 points. Keçiörengücü wants to increase the chance of play-offs by leaving the field with 3 points. Eskişehirspor, which won only 1 victory this season, is in the last place with 7 points.
When is Eskişehirspor match, what time is it?
Eskişehirspor will face off against Keçiörengücü today (13 March 2021, Saturday) at 13:30. The match will be played in Keçiören Aktepe Stadium.

Eskişehirspor match on which channel? No password?
The fight, which will start at 13.30, will be broadcast on TRT SPOR both live and without password. The match will also meet the audience live on beIN Sports channel.

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Who will manage Eskişehirspor match?
According to the statement made by the central arbitration board, Bülent Birincioğlu will lead the fight. Mehmet Şahan Yılmaz and Selahattin Altay will be the assistants of Birincioğlu. The fight will start at 13.30 and will be played at Aktepe Stadium. Issah will be rival
Kamal Issah, who was in the squad of Eskişehirspor one year ago, will rival his old team in the fight that will be played tomorrow. Issah, who took the road of Istanbulspor after leaving Es Es, was transferred to Keçiörengücü during the break. Issah, who shed a sweat for the success of the Ankara team, entered the technical delegation’s eyes in a very short time and started to find himself in the top 11.

Two players will not be able to play in Eskişehirspor
Two players continue to be injured before the Ankara Keçiörengücü match in Eskişehirspor. In the last tactical training, besides Muhammet Yahya Akbulut, whose treatment process continues after the operation, Onur Bayramoğlu, who has back muscle stiffness, was not included. The two players will not be able to play today.

Eskişehirspor may not take risks
Emir Yıldız, one of Eskişehirspor’s promising footballers, started to play regularly after Bilal Ceylan’s transfer to Beşiktaş in the second half of the season. The young footballer had a hit to his ankle during the last day’s training and stopped working. Whether the 19-year-old football player will play in the Ankara Keçiörengücü match will be determined at the time of the match.

Prestige match for Eskişehirspor
Set d
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