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Beşiktaş coach Sergen Yalçın stated that they were sorry for the fleeing victory in the F. Garden derby and said, “We lost an important advantage.” Beşiktaş faced F. Garden in the field and agreed to a 1-1 draw with the goal it ate in the 89th minute, while the black-and-whites, who were superior in the majority of the game, had to settle with 1 point at the end of the match, even though they could not turn them into goals. Missing a great opportunity to open the point difference with its arch-rivals on the way to the championship, Beşiktaş is experiencing the sorrow of the victory that escaped to the whole community, especially the manager Sergen Yalçın and the management. The management also has the same thoughts and said, ‘If you miss so many goals, you have to settle for a draw. However, the coach Yalçın, who saw this match only as a ‘road accident’, said, “If we won, it would be extraordinary, but we missed an important opportunity, that’s it! One match is missing. Now let them think. We are moving forward with firm steps towards our goal. “DIFFERENCE CAN BE OPENED
Besiktas will play 11 matches until the end of the league, and 10 matches with their opponents in the championship race, F.Bahçe and G.Saray. Black and whites are already 3 points ahead of G. Saray and 5 points ahead of F. Garden. Beşiktaş will host Alanyaspor in the 33rd week, when the yellow-reds will pass ‘by’. In the 36th week, when F. Garden will pass ‘by’, he will be a guest of Sivasspor. If Beşiktaş wins these two matches, it will increase the difference to 6 with G.Saray and to 8 with Fenerbahçe. By the way, Beşiktaş defeated F. Garden in the first half, and with the last draw, they got ahead of their opponent in double goal difference.

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