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Iğdır Governor Hüseyin Engin Sarıibrahim stated that 70 percent of the contamination was domestic originated in the city where weekly case rates increased, and said that an emergency should be declared.

Iğdır Governor Hüseyin Engin Sarıibrahim, Provincial Police Chief Hüseyin Göllüce held a press conference with the Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Mustafa Özdurhan and Health Director Caner Tazegün.

“The figures brought us to the high-risk group”

112 Emergency Evaluating the number of cases in the city at the meeting at the Call Center, Governor Sarıibrahim said, “We were in the blue 10-12 days ago when the inspections were announced.

We were one of the best provinces in terms of the number of cases per hundred thousand people. However, when we evaluated especially at the point of visiting family, relatives and neighbors during the process, we saw that approximately 70 percent of the case increases were contaminated within the family. The numbers moved us to the “high risk” group in Iğdır.

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Today I can say to you that as of 17.00 hours where we need to declare an emergency. Together with all the institutions, we will be on the field on the 17th of the month in order to prevent the loss of life and the emergence of new cases.

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In dynamic auditing, the institutions will be on the field and we will be on the field. We are entering the process where we need to be much more careful. “

Governor Saribrahim, who said that Iğdır had entered a period of intense visits to the graves, said,” There are grave visits in our province these days.

We took some precautions both in the center and in the cemeteries in the villages. Our gendarmerie, security and health teams warn citizens at the point of grave visits. We have no problem in wearing a mask that we’ve gladly observed today.

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But the increasing cases in question arises from the number of cases of interaction of parents with children emerged within the family within the meaning of emergence. We want to warn the parents in our city again and again. The number of daily tests continues to increase.

After 15 days, we want our city to reach the low-risk group again, not even blue, but a white environment where it is not at all.
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